Ten little fingers rhyme


– Photo by freedigitalphotos.net

Ten Little Fingers is a fun rhyme to teach a child. Follow the actions as the rhyme indicates.

I have ten little fingers (hold them up, palms forward)

And they all belong to me.

I can make them do things.

Would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight (make fists)

Or open them up wide, (spread fingers)

I can put them together (palms and fingers together)

Or make them all hide. (knuckles together, hiding fingers)

I can make them jump high, (reach up high)

I can make them jump low, (way down low)

I can fold them quietly (resting in lap)

And hold them just so. (still resting)


What other rhymes can they teach you? What rhymes have they learned at a circle time or at day care? It’s always fun to learn new rhymes!


Celebrate together – from a distance!


What can you celebrate together? Is there a Birthday coming up? Did someone get a good report card? Or, are you each at home on a Saturday night? Set up a date.

Arrange to have the same food – do you want to order in Chinese? Pop some popcorn to go with your soda pop? Or, get some cookies or a cupcake with tea?

It’s fun if you have something similar. Sharing a treat creates a shared experience. Maybe there’s a family recipe that you both could make? Keep it simple, though. Don’t over complicate it. The pleasure is in being together! Use your favorite social media. Google Hang Out, Face Time or Skype all work to share quality time.

And, celebrate together! Do your happy dance! Create some music together. Blow bubbles? What else would add to your celebration? Let me know what’s possible?

Enjoy your time together…



Share your stories and photos


I’m back home from the trip of my lifetime to Cape Town, South Africa. It was amazing! Stayed with wonderful friends, and it’s been fun to tell my friends and family about this adventure.

Everything from shark cage diving to tandem paragliding and visiting the penguins at Boulders was very new and exciting! This week, I’m hosting a pot luck dinner and afterwards I’ll share my photos and then ask others to tell us where they want to go and the amazing places they have already visited. Then, we’ll share tips about travel and learn about other places in this wild and wonderful world.


Happy New Year!


Photo by: freedigitalphotos.net

Did you have the chance to get together with family over the holidays? It’s often a time to meet the babies who have been born, and share food with our sibs and cousins. Keep up the contact! Here are a few ideas that may help.

1. Print off a few of the best photos and mail them to the children. Everyone loves getting snail mail, but children get especially excited.

2. Send a “wish you were here” postcard to a relative the next time you go on a trip! Let them know you’re thinking of them. Send an e-mail or What’s App with a photo attached.

3. Ask for time to connect electronically. Make an appointment. There are many free options. Skype. Face time. What’s App. How do you want to reach out?

4. Send off a newsy e-mail to begin each month. And, if it’s feasible, tell them about your upcoming vacation plans. They may be able to join you for some of the fun.

Good luck building on the connections you made over the holidays, and we hope it’s an amazing year for each one of you!