Halloween Jokes to share


Why was the ghost wearing a band aid?                                                                           Because he had a boo-boo.

What sound does a witchs’ car make?                                                                             Brooom Brooom!

Person #1: Knock Kcupcakesnock

Person #2: Witch

Person #1: Witch who?

Person #2: Witch way to the Haunted house?


I challenge you…
















…to blow a bubble with bubble gum! That was a challenge issued by a 4 year old to her Uncle. He took up the challenge! He even gave her a small lesson in choosing the right bubble gum to blow a big bubble.

Then, she challenged Nana to slide down a slide, and her grandfather to swing on a swing…

Have you challenged any of the children you know to join you in some silly fun? You can send short videos back and forth easily with WhatsApp. We have formed a family group that’s pretty lively! Hope you challenge someone to some goofy fun soon…and rise to the challenge when you hear one. Enjoy….