Blog Your Journey – Guest Blogger Hazel Anderson


When my partner Tom and I recently relocated to Toronto from the UK to start a new two year adventure together, we left behind a heck of alot of friends, family and supportive people interested in keeping up to date with our Canadian experiences. In this modern digital age of Facebook and Skype, it’s so beautifully easy to be able to connect with individuals on the other side of the world, in another time zone, in an instant. But connecting with ALL those people?!

My solution was simple: I write a public, on-going weekly travel blog. This way our friends and family can tune in with each new post if they wish, or even read through the entire collection in one go as another option. For me, writing the blog is a reflective and uplifting weekly outlet which I love to share. And while it serves well to keep us connected with home right now, no doubt that in the future it’ll also be a wonderful way for Tom and I to look back on what I am sure will be an incredible journey together.


Planning a trip? Create a WordPress and share your own stories, photographs and experiences with family who’d love to feel part of it with you. Extract from my first blog post, The Beginning of the Journey: ‘This blog will (to the best of my ability) be kept updated with our search to find jobs, a home, bicycles, friends, Yorkshire Teabags and a life together in Toronto. We’re excited to share our experience with our friends and family via this blog so happy reading and enjoy. We know we will!’


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