Good Things Come in Small Packages


Sending a care package to a loved one for Christmas is a great alternative to presents and the perfect opportunity to get personal and creative. The box doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, so long as it contains personality, fun and lots of love! Some suggestions for filling your box:Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.27.26 PM

-Send candy! Always a winner for any recipient

-Print out recent photos of you and family and write on the back of them

-Write a letter or ‘list of contents’ of the box

-Wordsmith? Try writing a poem

-Artist? Add doodles and sketches

-Include novelty gifts from where you live such as a souvenir tea towel or pencil

Send some creative fun:

-Send chocolate covered raisons in a tub and add a label saying ‘moose poo.’

-Tear up lots of pieces of paper, place them in a small tube and add a label saying ‘Snow from my home town… so you can have a white Christmas’

-Send a flower pressing using a species only found in the place you live (or something representing where you’re from – a maple leaf for example)

-Record a Christmas message for your loved one and send it via DVD. Add a fun title like ‘

-Decorate the inside of the box with messages, colours or jokes which they can read

-Create a puzzle or word search games for them on paper and make the clues and answers related to facts about your family or experiences we shared together. For example, ‘In what city did we last meet up?’ ‘How many times have we seen our favourite artist in concert?’ ‘What’s the one part of Christmas dinner I don’t eat’ etc

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy. After all it should be as much fun for you creating it as it should be for them to receive it!