“The content is friendly, readable and relevant to all us Grandmothers who are struggling with how to secure a meaningful place in our grandchildren’s lives. I know many will benefit from your candour and great ideas.”
Peggy, Canada

“The Baby Focus eBook has helped me connect with my sister’s little daughter in Germany. I used to just talk to her. Now I’m building a strong relationship through songs, sharing pictures, laughing and playing games. Thank you for these great ideas!”
Brano, Toronto, Canada

“I love it! Love the way it was written. Great ideas – great enthusiasm and love coming through.”
Mel, Cape Town, South Africa

“As a senior in my 70s, I can’t travel a lot to visit my grandson overseas. At home in China, I use video phone to keep in contact with him. I’ve watched him showing me his new toy trains, having food all over on his mouth and hands, wearing new Halloween costumes, being sick and lying in his mothers arms, etc. I can show him how we celebrate Chinese new year here in China. Just like Baby Focus promises, I found it very convenient to maintain close relationships as if I were living with him, although we are in different countries on two faraway continents.”
DeQian, China

“I can’t believe the difference between what I used to do with my godson on Skype, and what we’re sharing now that I’ve read the Baby Focus eBook. He asks his mom to “see” me now, and we have a whole range of songs and games that we share. He’s back in Slovakia, and we’re building wonderful memories.”
Barb, Toronto, Canada

“I’m excited about the ideas in your book! I can use them to help my children get to know friends and family I love who live far away from us.”
Kiyomi, Japan