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Baby Focus and

Baby Focus helps adults reach out to babies around the world to show how much they care. There is a lot you can do to let babies from birth to 36 months know that you are thinking of them. This eBook has practical tips and ideas to strengthen the bond you have with them.

Do you work far away, and want to bond with a baby or child?
Do you travel for business and have children at home?
Are you a long distance aunt, grandparent, uncle, or friend?
Do you travel for pleasure and want to stay in touch?
Do you live across town and want ideas to use in between visits?

The techniques in this book are a blend of old-fashioned fun and 21st Century technology. This eBook gives you quick solutions for staying close to your special baby, even when you’re far away.

We can share and care from a distance!

Baby Focus is jam-packed with ideas, tips and tricks to stay in touch and have more fun with your special baby. Connect with Baby Focus to strengthen your bond with babies across the city, the country, or around the world.

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